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With the high cost of gas, it is reasonable to think of ways to save money on gas. Here are smart tips to help you save on gas without interfering with your routine.

Reduce Driving

As ridiculous as it may sound, you can still achieve a lot without driving. Take a walk or cycle if your destination is only a short distance away. It is also healthy. If you travel alone, you can consider public means of transport. The ticket price for a single person is often significantly lower than the cost of gas to your destination. Combine your activities into a single trip to avoid making several trips to town.
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Check Your Tires

The condition of your car tires has an impact on the amount of fuel your engine consumes. Keep your tires in the right pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Check the pressure at least once a week using a good (accurate) tire gauge. Align the tires of your car so that they do not pull in different directions. Low pressure and misaligned tires cause unnecessary drag and resistance on your vehicle. Such causes inefficiency and your car will consume more gasoline to overcome the drag. To save on gas, ensure the tires are aligned, at the right pressure, and they are all balanced.

Fuel During the Cold Times of the Day

Buy gas during the coolest times of the day. Fill your car in the morning or late at night. Gas is more condensed at low temperature, and the density drops as temperatures become warmer. Remember you only pay for the volume, so you get more value for gas when temperatures are cold.
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Good Car Maintenance

Ensure you maintain your car in good condition if you want to maximize on fuel. Change oil as frequently as advised by the manufacturer. Replace dirty air filters and get low resistance tires.

Remove Racks

The cargo nets, bicycle rack or ski rack, increase the weight of your car. A heavy car consumes more fuel. Lighter fuel is more efficient. Check your trunk to see any unnecessary thing you can remove. Get quick cash up to $5k at!

Drive Steadily

Rapid acceleration and deceleration consume extra fuel. You step hard on the accelerator, which causes a greater influx of gas into the engine. This will cost you more gas. Anticipate stop signs and red light while driving. If you see a stop sign, just release the accelerator pedal, and slightly press the brakes if necessary. Try to avoid a full stop. Another precaution would be keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you to avoid sudden braking. Always start your car slowly. If you drive very slowly, you create more resistance on the car and the resistance causes the engine to use more gas.

Idling vs. Restarting

It is essential that you understand when to stop the engine or leave it idling during a brief stop. An idling car is at 0mph. When you restart the engine; the car consumes some extra gas. If you need to stop for longer, it is best to halt the engine. If the stop is brief, you can leave the engine idle.
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Gas Cap

If the gas cap does not seal or is damaged, it can lead to loss of gas via evaporation. Replace missing caps or buy a new rubber seal if the current is defective.

Parking Your Car

Park your car in the first parking space you see. If you ignore this, you may end up wasting fuel looking for a parking slot without success only to return. Find a shaded place if you are parking your car for a long time during the day. If you leave your car in the open sun, gas will evaporate from the tank.
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Compare Fuel Prices

Always compare prices before you fill. Make use of the internet to compare fuel prices. Some websites will tell you the price of gas at the stations in your locality. Check for the cheapest gas station along the route your regularly use.

Avoid Filling Stations Near the Highway

Often the gas stations near the highway are pricier than those in towns. Plan your filling or driver further to the nearest town to find a cheaper station.
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